image-4-.jpgDebbie Case Operations Supervisor  / Accounting Manager

Debbie has been a vital part at Energyst since the beginning in April of 2011 and is involved in all daily activities within the office. Debbie enjoys coming to the office and playing a huge part in Energyst’s monthly and yearly success as the company continues to grow. Outside of work, Debbie likes to spend time with family. On the weekends you can find her hanging out with her kids and grandkids, thrift shopping with her mom, or working out in her yard. When asked about who would best represent her in a movie about her life, she chose herself for the best accuracy.

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Mitchell Reppimg-6486.jpg - Director of Sales

Mitchell has been with Energyst since it opened back in April 2011 and is involved with many aspects of daily operations. Mitchell’s favorite part of working at Energyst is being able to promote deals and incentives on our inventory and seeing customers being able to take advantage of them by saving money while still providing a high-quality product. Outside of work, Mitchell likes to spend time camping and visiting different parks throughout the Grand Rapids area with his family. Mitchell said that if there was a movie about his life, he would want Jim Carrey to play his role due to his goofy and annoying sense of humor.

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Riley Ristler - Customer Service Sales Rep

Riley is in his first year with Energyst having started back in late September of 2019. His favorite part of working at Energyst is being able to have a positive impact on our customers on a day to day basis, and how every day is different for him. Outside of work Riley enjoys watching sports, hanging out with friends, and visiting his family on the east side of the state. Riley said that Adam Sandler would best represent his role in a movie about his life because of his sarcastic sense of humor. 

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image-3-.jpgJohn - Warehouse Manager

John is our newest employee here at Energyst, since starting back in June of 2020. The thing he enjoys most about working at Energyst is the constant workflow throughout the day and how everyday presents different tasks and challenges. Outside of work John likes to spend his time woodworking, cooking, and reading. When asked who would play his role in a movie about his life, John responded that he would like to play his own role to be as realistic as possible.

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EMack Manufacturing:

img-4274.jpgRandy Chase

EMack Manager / Repairs 

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Contact Randy: 616-241-3040