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Powdered Filler

$29.29 - $34.08
Mix up just the amount of Wood Patch or Full-Trowel Filler whenever you need it!  This environmentally friendly system allows you to refill your container and eliminate unnecessary packaging and waste. And you get the same premium performance as our...

Wood Patch (14 oz, 12/case, sold each)

$5.30 - $5.86
The higher solid content of Wood Patch makes it ideal for large fill areas or for spot filling during sanding. It can also be thinned and used as a Full-Trowel Filler; simply mix 1-2 cups of water per one gallon of Wood Patch, and trowel floor as...

Pacific Filler

$9.92 - $92.00
A waterborne compound specifically designed for filling cracks, holes, chips, gouges and broken edges in hardwood floors prior to finishing. Pacific Fillers high solid content formula is ready to use, trowelable direct from pail, or can be thinned with...